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How to grow Desert Rose (Adenium) from seed with results


Edit 8/1/2022: Want to see an update of these seedlings and what happened to them? Click on this link here: 🤍 I will be showing you guys how to grow desert rose or Adenium from seed and the video will contain its progress all the way up till late autumn/fall, enjoy. You can find adenium seeds on the same website I got them from: 🤍 00:00 Intro 00:50 Step 1: Treating the seeds 01:33 Step 2: Planting the seeds 03:50 Step 3: Germination and care 16:30 Step 4: Overwintering 20:24 Ending Instagram: 🤍jin_toby_plantae #adenium #succulents #howtogrow



Today am gonna reveal you an interesting story on my 5 adeniums or desert rose plants. I will share my complete experience on growing adenium plants and reveal three nursery gardening secrets to grow adenium from seeds with 100 % success results. I will also show you the comparison between adenium seeds purchased from amazon vs the fresh seeds harvested from adenium seed pods. For beginners, Adenium Obesum is a succulent plant which stores lot of water in its stem and also the modified part of the stem called the Caudex. We have discussed these in detail in my other adenium videos. You can check the adenium playlist from description below. Before I reveal you the three nursery secrets on growing adenium, I will quickly brief you on 5 important care tips for adenium. 1. SOIL: This is the most important factor for successfully growing adenium. It’s a desert rose and hence prefers a sandy soil. Make sure you have atleast 50 percent sand or perlite mixed in your potting soil. For details on the perfect potting mix for adenium or any succulent, I have detailed episode on this topic. You can check that link at the end screen of this video. 2. WATERING: If your soil is really well draining, the frequency of watering does not matter much, like for instance if you have lot of rains in your zone, its almost like daily watering. And also make sure, you have good drainage holes in your container. Otherwise, generally watering weekly twice is the general rule for adenium like any other succulent. 3. SUNLIGHT: This is a very important factor for proper flowering. Adenium needs maximum sunlight and good humidity for flowering and growth. Atleast 6 hours of direct sunlight is a must! 4. FERTILIZERS: Most recommend chemical fertilizers like water soluble NPK, but I always use organic ones like simple decomposed cowdung or vermicompost like a handful of it once a month. And during repotting mixing a table spoon of steamed bone meal will do the job and induce enormous flowering in all seasons except in it dormant season – that’s winter. 5. PEST CONTROL: Its commonly affected by sucking pests like aphids, mealy bugs and mites. Weekly spray of 10 ml neem oil in 1 litre of water will easily control this problem. Please Watch the RESULTS on Day 5 till Day 15 in the Video. RELATED VIDEOS: ALL ADENIUM VIDEOS LIST: 🤍 Perfect Soil Mix For Adenium : 🤍 GARDENING HACK TO MAKE ADENIUM CAUDEX FATTER : 🤍 SAVE ADENIUM IN RAINY SEASON: 🤍 AMAZON ADENIUM SEED GERMINATION RESULTS: 🤍 ADENIUM SPECIES CLASSIFICATION: 🤍 HOW TO USE NEEM OIL: 🤍 MY HEALTH TIPS CHANNEL: 🤍 (I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening) Free SUBSCRIBE TO Our Channel at: 🤍 CLICK NOTIFICATION BELL TO "ON" TO RECEIVE UPDATES! Gardening Products I buy: 🤍 Our Facebook Page: 🤍 Our Twitter URL: 🤍 Our Instagram Link: 🤍 My Friends Channel - 🤍 Please LIKE and Share your Thoughts and COMMENTS below. Also please SUBSCRIBE to our channel with Notification Bell "Turned On" to receive notifications on new additions and activity of our channel. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Garden Tips - Gardening Channel in English - 🤍 Gardening Tips Hindi - 🤍 CHECK OUR PLAYLISTS: 🤍 Our Website: 🤍 My Purchased Gardening Products: 🤍 Join Our WhatsApp Group to learn from experts: Please Join Here 🤍 for a small fee. After Joining, please contact us with your youtube user id and whatsapp number to be added to our Gardening Family. Contact here - 🤍 (enquiries). Happy Gardening! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #adenium #gardening #gardeningtips #gardentips #gardeningideas

How to Grow Adenium Seeds with 100% Result || Desert Rose seeds Germination with all Updates


How to Plant Desert Rose Seeds Buy Best quality adenium seeds in India from Adenium paradise nursery Best seller in India Adenium paradise nursery on facebook :- 🤍 search me on google Nature lover Ujjwal and msg me on facebook Instagram twitter thanks SeedsTransplanting Caring for the PlantCommunity The desert rose, or Adenium obesum, is a strong plant that prefers hot temperatures and dry soil. They do especially well in pots and containers indoors since conditions can be more closely monitored, making them good houseplants. There are many ways to plant desert roses, including starting from seed. You must work with the seeds indoors, though, since they are delicate and blow away with even the slightest breezes. Method 1 Obtaining Seeds 1 Obtain fresh seed pods from an active plant. Fresh seeds are likely to produce, but dried seeds have a low success rate. Alternatively, you can obtain fresh seeds from a garden supply store or other reputable dealers. 2 When seed pods appear on an adult plant, wrap the pods with wire or twine. If the seed pods open, the seeds will disperse, and you will not be able to use them to grow a new plant. 3 Remove the pods from the plant once they mature. They must be allowed to mature before removal; otherwise, the seeds may not be developed enough to grow. When the seed pods try to open, they are mature and ready for removal. Clip them off with a sharp knife or pair of scissors. 4 Set the seed pods out on a flat surface. Allow them to dry. 5 Remove the ties from the pod and gently crack it open with your thumbnail. Each pod should contain multiple "feathery" seeds. Method 2 Starting Seeds 1 Prepare a plastic seedling tray or small pots. If the containers you use do not have drainage holes, you should poke one hole into the bottom of the container before proceeding. In the case of plastic seedling trays, this can be done by poking the tip of a pen or large needle into the bottom of each compartment. The hole does not need to be large. 2 Fill your containers with a well-draining growing medium. Vermiculite works well, as does a mix of soil and sand or soil and perlite. 3 Scatter the seeds over the growing medium. If using seedling trays or containers with a diameter of four inches (ten centimeters) or less, only plant one seed per compartment. If using a larger pot, spread several seeds evenly over the soil. 4 Cover the seeds with soil. Only use enough soil to just barely cover the seeds, preventing them from blowing away. The seeds should not be buried deeply. 5 Fill a wide tray or bin with stones and water. The stones should completely cover the bottom of the tray, and the water should not rise above the level of the stones. 6 Sit the seedling tray on top of the stones. Refresh the water daily to provide the seeds with sufficient water from below. 7 Spray the soil with water from above once every three days. Use a spray bottle until the surface of the soil feels moist to the touch. 8 Place the entire structure over a heating pad set to low. During germination, the soil and its seeds should be kept at a temperature between the range of 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (27 to 29 degrees Celsius). Periodically test the soil with a thermometer to monitor the temperature accurately. Image titled Plant Desert Rose Seeds Step 14 9 Cease above-soil watering once the seeds germinate into seedlings. This should occur within the first week or two. You should still water the seedlings from below for the first month. Image titled Plant Desert Rose Seeds Step 15 10 Transplant the seedlings into more permanent containers. Each seedling should have about six “true leaves” at the time of transplant.

How to grow Desert Rose from seeds - Desert Rose (Adenium) Germination - Desert Rose Propagation


How to grow Adenium - Desert Rose - from Seeds Desert Rose (Adenium) Germination - Growing From Seeds - Harvesting Desert Rose Seed Pods Desert Rose Propagation

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Hy good morning adenium seeds kaha Se mangwaye l adenium seeds buy online l adenium seeds price My gardening lover About this video 😘 Cheapest online Adenium Arebicumseeds purchase. How to buy adenium or other plant seeds adenium seeds kaha Se mangwaye ardenium seeds Kaha SE karde ardennium ke seed Kahan SE purchase kare ardeium Seed adenium seeds kaha online adenium arabicum seeds online adenium seeds flipkart how to collect adenium seeds from plant adenium seeds collecting adenium how to grow adenium seeds buy online how to grow adenium from cuttings adenium seed growing time adenium seeds kaise banta hai adenium seedlings repotting adenium pollination adenium seeds adenium seeds online adenium how to germinate adenium seeds adenium seeds germination adenium arabicum seeds adenium seeds how to grow adenium plant adenium arabicum adenium care adenium obesum adenium seeds buy online how to grow adenium from seeds adenium online adenium buy online adenium seeds sowing adenium from seeds growing adenium seeds buy adenium plant online grow adenium from seeds online adenium seeds trusted seller adenium seeds kaha Se number all detail Karan khuman Jesar Road, Savarkundla, Pin-364515 Mo-8488822822 Main aapko Chhota bhai aapke liye today video Lata hun gardning is related taki aapko bhi support milega gardening karne mein taki ham sabhi ka ek dusre ko support mile hamari gardning ko Hara bhara banane mein isiliye main roj ek naye topic per video Banakar Lata hun Isliye request hai mere channel per new ho to channel ko subscribe kar lena Aur video ko like share comment bhi kar dena Channel mention🤍manjugardening9782 🤍FunGardening 🤍gardening4u11 🤍greenlibrary2830 🤍rpgardening235 🤍Rkhomegardeningmein Videos hashtag #adeniumseed #arebicumseeds #adeniumplant#youtubeshorts #shortsfeed #gardeningvideos #rkhomegardeningmein #youtube Video link 🖇️ seller ka Facebook page link 🤍 If You like this video, So Like 👍 Share 🤳 Subscribe 🔔 Okay friends video par pasand aaye To video mein comment karke jarur batana Okay friends bye happy gardening my gardening lover, 🏵️🌹 🙏🙏

How to Grow Adenium from Seeds : The Business Secret Revealed.


Here the technique of growing seedlings from seeds of Adenium is discussed in details with proper tutorial. Everyone can do it easily and make their own Plants instead of purchasing from a nursery. People can save a lot of money by applying this method. This is a Different process that anyone's else. All the best. May God bless you the fullest.

10 Simple Secret to grow Adenium (from seeds) !!!Giveaway alert ⚠️!!!


10 Easy Hacks to grow Adenium (from seeds) !!!Giveaway alert ⚠️!!! Grafting tape: 🤍 Adenium detail video: 🤍 Visit my website : 🤍 Gadget i use :- 1.) Mic : 🤍 2.) My Smartphone camera: 🤍 3.) My light: 🤍 4.) My tripod: 🤍 5.) My phone: 🤍 6.) My Vlogging Camera: 🤍 7.) My Green Screen: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram! Username: theonepage_gardening 🤍 Like us on Facebook : 🤍 * Usage disclaimer :- Use of any part , sub part or extract of this video , it's lyrics, it's music track, it's usage, It's distribution, display , disposal without permission of owner is strictly prohibited. If any person found using in any sense the content provided in this video by any unfair means or without permission , then he will be liable for prosecution or legal repercussions as per section 107 of copyright act 1976. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. #adenium #grafting

Adenium Seeds Germination II Secret of growing adenium seeds II 100% Germination of Adenium Seeds


Adenium Seeds Germination II Secret of growing adenium seeds II 100% Germination of Adenium Seeds Dear Friends, We all Like Adenium Plants. It is essay to Grow Adenium From Seeds. But Get 100% Germination is a methods of Science and Technics. There are several Rules to Germinate Adenium form Seeds. Here I discussed in this Video on 10 Rules to Germinate Adenium Seeds with Two Essay Methods. I am getting 100% Germination Result with this Rules. And you can also get 98 to 100% Germination of Adenium Seeds if You can follow these Stapes shown in this Video. Before You Grow or Plant Adenium Seeds you may Learn or Know the Nature of Adeniums Seeds. Adenium Seeds are suffocated. The real trick to desert rose plant seed starting is to make sure that you start out with fresh with Fresh seeds, Good Quality and Proper Growing Media Or Soil with Care. All these are discussed in this Video. So Lets watch. If You have any Question Please write me Below Email ID gardening4green🤍 #Adenium #AdeniumSeedsGermination #DesertRose

Growing ADENIUM From Seed - Time Lapse in 100 Days #greentimelapse #gtl #timelapse


Adenium grows very slowly, reaching a height of only 7-8 cm (3 inch) in 100 days. "Adenium obesum is grown as a houseplant in temperate and tropical regions. Numerous hybrids have been developed. Adeniums are appreciated for their colorful flowers, but also for their unusual, thick caudices. They can be grown for many years in a pot and are commonly used for bonsai." - Wikipedia #greentimelapse #gtl #timelapse

Planting desert roses from seeds


This video shows you how to plant desert rose from seeds

Easiest way to grow Adenium from seeds


Is video me mai apko with update Adenium ko seeds se ugana sikhaunga Ummeed hai pasand aaega Pasand aae to like kare, share kare, aur channel ko subscribe kare. website :- 🤍 #Adenium #Adenium_from_seeds

ALL ABOUT ADENIUM S1 E1, Seed to Caudex Step by Step, Be the Creator, Aug'21


This is the first episode of the Series "ALL ABOUT ADENIUM" Season 1. In this series I'll share each and every information about growing Adenium. I started it from the seeds as this is the very first episode. you will learn the detailed process of seed germination to building healthy caudex step by step and also best soil for Adenium, Adenium care, Adenium fertilizing etc. in this episode. Hope it'll be helpfull for all the Adenium lovers as usual as my other tutorial uploads. यह "ऑल अबाउट एडेनियम" सीज़न 1 सीरीज़ की पहली कड़ी है। इस सीरीज़ में मैं एडेनियम के बारे में हर जानकारी साझा करूँगा। मैंने इसे बीज से शुरू किया क्योंकि यह पहला एपिसोड है। आप इस कड़ी में बीज के अंकुरण की विस्तृत प्रक्रिया से स्वस्थ कोडेक्स के निर्माण की विस्तृत प्रक्रिया और एडेनियम के लिए सर्वोत्तम मिट्टी, एडेनियम के देखभाल, एडेनियम उर्वरक आदि के बारे में जानेंगे। आशा है कि यह मेरे अन्य ट्यूटोरियल अपलोड के जैसे ही सभी एडेनियम प्रेमियों के लिए सहायक होगा। ALL ABOUT ADENIUM S1 E2: 🤍 ALL ABOUT ADENIUM S1 E3: 🤍 #adenium_workshop #be_the_creator #bonsai_india #bonsai #gardening FB page: 🤍 Visit my Channel: 🤍

Adenium from seeds with one year update


how to grow Adenium from seeds full 1 year update, 31 April to 21 June Adenium from seeds, Adenium from cutting :- 🤍 Adenium grafting :- 🤍 #tech_garden Facebook :- 🤍 Instagram :- 🤍 E-M🤍il📧 :- Sarveshank🤍 Whatsapp :- +917376713458 Mobile used for recording :- 🤍 Mic used for recording :- 🤍 Mobile stand for recording :- 🤍 Headphone for editing :- 🤍



KATRUEPA VLOGS - How to Grow Adenium Seeds 100% germination rate using stratification method (with updates).

Growing Adeniums from seed using sand as a medium.


In this video i show you how to grow adeniums using seeds and sowing them in sand to help them germinate. Its a fun activity and fairly simple. All you need is a bowl of sand and adenium seeds. its a great way to get kids involved in growing plants and home and also for a school project. The seed takes around a week to germinate in this method and can be transferred into a pot containing soil after about a month.

how to germinate adenium seeds using tissue paper.. with result..


#roadto1k #1ksubs Germinating adenium seeds using tissue paper in a very quick and easy way.. you will see the result before the end of the video.. #germination #adenium #quickneasy facebook: 🤍 shopee: 🤍

How to germinate adenium seeds best & easiest method with actual time lapse


How to germinate adenium seeds best method with time lapse videos best method to germinate raw seeds antifungal powder mancozeb 75% contact fungicide cocopeat germination soaking seeds sand vermicompost #adenium #adeniumarabicum

Grow Adenium Seeds On Tissue Paper || Repotting Adenium Seedlings.


In this video we had shown how to germinate adenium seeds by using tissue paper... #adenium #seedlings #gardening #repotting #germination #grow #subscribe Audio Licence: Inner Peace by Mike Chino 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍

एडेनियम की सीडलिंग कैसे करें ? । Adenium seedling growing method।


Growing and Caring technique of making Seedlings of Adenium from Seeds.This is the easiest and most authentic method of germination of adenium seeds and make adenium seedlings. This method of germination of seeds of adenium in sand is used commercially also. Everyone can do it easily. This is a tutorial where all the process is demonstrated step by step. Best commercial technique till date

ADENIUM SEED HARVESTING: Easiest Method | How to collect adenium seeds from pods.|TERRACE GARDEN


how to collect adenium seeds from plant.//अडेनियम के बीज(with english subtitle.) In this video i will show you how to collect adenium / desert rose seeds with easy steps. _ Music- –– • Licence: SOLO ACOUSTIC GUITAR by Jason Shaw 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 United States— CC BY 3.0 US 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 ––– • Licence Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 –– • Licence: Summer Moments by Del 🤍 Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 ––––––––––––––––––––– Also visit my friends channel-gardentips 🤍 Subscribe My Channel- 🤍 Thanks For Watching Terrace Garden terracegarden #collectseedsofadenium#harvestingadeniumseeds#adeniumseedspot#terracegarden#desertrose

Adenium Seed Propagation in One Day | 3 Methods | അഡീനിയം വിത്ത് എളുപ്പത്തിൽ കിളിർപ്പിക്കാം


This video discuss Adenium Seed Germination or Propagation in 3 different methods. This video also discuss adenium seedling care, fertilizer and potting mix. Seaweed Fertilizer 🤍 #adenium #adeniumseedgermination #novelgarden

এডিনিয়াম বীজ থেকে চারা তৈরি করার সহজ উপায় | how to grow adenium from seed |


how to grow adenium from seed hello i am sudipto ghosh . in this video i will show you how to grow adenium form seed . Ma Jaba Nursery Owner Name - Rabin Biswas Address : Asannagar (Near Krishnagar ) , Dist - Nadia , West Bengal Ph No. / Whats'App No. - 8617412168 Google map 🤍 #adenium , #এডিনিয়াম #adenium_form_seed

Grow Desert Roses The Right Way


Learn how to propagate Desert Roses / Adenium the correct way. Follow this step-by-step process video to grow this beautiful plant, and remember, patience is the key when gardening. To purchase a full set of ingredients to grow Desert Roses (moss, sand, coco peat, etc), email us on amlaanbaag🤍 . . . To know more, follow us on: • Instagram - 🤍 • Facebook - 🤍

Grow Adenium DHA From Seeds || How To Grow Adenium From Seeds


In this video we had demonstrated how to grow adenium from seeds. Please Subscribe 😌 Our Channel 🔔🙏.... Amazon USA : Cocopeat : 🤍 Seed Starter : 🤍 Biodegradable Pots : 🤍 Plastic Pots (100) : 🤍 20:20:20 fertilizer : 🤍 Bonsai Pots : 🤍 Bypass Pruner : 🤍 Self Watering Pot : 🤍 Amazon India Cocopeat 5kg: 🤍 Cocopeat 10kg: 🤍 Seaweed : 🤍 Neem oil : 🤍 vermicompost : 🤍 Epsom salt : 🤍 Perlite : 🤍 NPK 19 19 19 : 🤍 Bonemeal : 🤍 Gardening Tools : 🤍 #adenium #seeds #germination #gardening #seedsnpots Audio Licence: Track: Frame — KV [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍

അഡീനിയം വിത്ത് എല്ലാം കിളിർപ്പിക്കാം | How to Grow Adenium from seeds


അഡീനിയത്തിന്റെ മുഴുവൻ വിത്തും എങ്ങനെ മുളപ്പിക്കാം എന്ന് നോക്കാം. | How to Grow Adenium from seeds. Easy method #Adenium #Deepuponnappan 1. 5 LTR SPRAYER : 🤍 2. 2 LTR SPRAYER : 🤍 3. PSEUDOMONAS FLUORESCENS : 🤍 4. ORGANIC PESTICIDE : 🤍 5. DOLOMITE : 🤍 6. BEAUVERIA BASSIANA : 🤍 *Connect With Me* Subscribe My YouTube Channel: 🤍 Follow/Like My Facebook Page: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 e-mail:🤍deepuponnappan2020🤍 * Cameras & Gadgets I am using * 1. OPPO F15 : 🤍 2. WRIGHT LAV 101 : 🤍 3. JOBY TELEPOD : 🤍 4. TRIPOD : 🤍 * PLEASE SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL AND HIT THE BELLLLLLLLL*

Adenium Seed Growing Tips | अडेनियम के बीजों को समय पर उगाना क्यों जरूरी है #shorts


Why It's Important To Grow Adenium Seeds On Time अडेनियम के बीजों को समय पर उगाना क्यों जरूरी है सावधानियां अगर लगाए हैं अडेनियम के बीज Precautions If Planted Adenium SeedsAdenium Ke Seed Ka Germination Kaise Tej Karen Adenium Ke 100% Seed Germination Rate kaise prapt karen Kya Adenium K Purane Beej Kharb Ho Jate Hai Adenium K Beej Ke Age Kitne Hai Adenium K Beej Ko Kaise Store Karen Adenium K Beej Kaise Hote Hai Adenium Se Beej Kaise Prapt Karen Adenium Seed Buy From Where I can Buy Adenium Seeds Adenium K Beej Kaha Se Khariden Buy Adenium Seeds Online Adenium K Seedpod Ko Kise Pakaye Adenium Seed Pod Ke Dekhbhal Kaise Karen Adenium K Beej Lagane Ka Sahi Samay Kya Hai Adenium Seedpod Care in Winter How to Get Adenium Seedpods Ripe Quickly Fertilizer to Get Adenium Seedpods Ripe Quickly #AdeniumSeeds #AdeniumSeedpodCare #AdeniumWinterCare #FungusInAdenium #AksharPlants&Planters adenium desert rose adenium arabicum seeds adenium adenium bonsai desert rose plant yellow adenium plant VIDEO DECLAIMER - THIS VIDEO IS NON PROMOTIONAL ,THIS VIDEO IS CREATED ONLY TO PROVIDE EDUCATION INFORMATION ,THIS CHHANEL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROFIT OR LOSS IN ANY KIND OF BUSINESS... THIS VIDEO IS ONLY FOR EDUCATION PURPOSE... ............... AKSHAR PLANTS & PLANTERS !!! Regards Akshar Plants & Planters

Adenium / Desert Rose Seed Pod Progression. Watch it grow!


I hand pollinated an Adenium Obesum and made records of it's growth. This one took 68 days. They seem to take 68-90 days on average in the summer.

Adenium Seeds Germination // Adenium Seeds Germination in winter


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Adenium / Desert Rose Seeds Collection Easiest Way || How to Collect Adenium Seeds || Fun Gardening


Hi friends! In this video, I'm talking to you about everybody's favourite plant - Adenium or Desert Rose. Right now is the time when adenium janta get seed pods and I'm telling you how to collect seeds from them. Do let me know if you liked the video!

ADENIUM SEED GERMINATION Technique | How to grow Adenium from Seeds - Gardening in English


Today we will look into How to grow Adenium from seeds. This topic of adenium seed germination is chosen here because the technique is slightly different in case of adenium seeds. Stay tuned.. Before we start the topic on the soil requirement for adenium seed germination, few quick points on this plant. Adenium is a genus of flowering plants in the Apocynaceae family and native to Africa and the Arabia. It is also called as Desert Rose. It’s a commonly used plant for making bonsais and also to demonstrate grafting techniques. There are many species and Adenium Obesum is the commonly used variety and is called the desert rose and depending on the color of the flowers, its called as rubra, alba and so on. Rubra means red and alba means white. Well, coming back to growing adenium plant from seeds, the seeds must be healthy. I got these seeds online from amazon and am trying this for the first time. But I have done enough research to prepare this video and am gonna share with you the best method. So, the seed starting mix is an important factor in success to this process. The basic concept is making a highly loose or well draining soil. Heres the FORMULA - please watch video. The adenium seeds should be healthy and purchased from a trusted source for best results. I purchased these 5 seeds from Amazon. Okay, then lay the seeds horizontally, one in each cell of the germination tray. You can also use small paper cups with a drainage hole. Then add a thin layer of either fine sand or even the same potting mix to about half a centimetre. Do not bury too deep. Then water the tray with a sprayer. If your location is no humid, place this tray into a zip lock bag for better results or cover with a polythene bag and keep in a warm place for about a week. Normal time for adenium seed germination is about 10 to 15 days. Lets wait for the results and as usual, I shall post the updates at our Instagram and facebook page. If you like the video, please hit a thumbs up and if you are new to the channel consider subscribing to the channel. #adeniumseed #adenium #adeniumseedgermination OTHER SEED GERMINATION VIDEOS: ALMOND SEED GERMINATION: 🤍 Mango seed Germination: 🤍 Mango seed to plant: 🤍 Ipomea wine from seeds: 🤍 RoseApple seed germination: 🤍 Phlox plant from seed: 🤍 Litchi Lychee from seed: 🤍 Grapefruit seed germination: 🤍 Mangosteen Seed to Plant: 🤍 Date seed germination: 🤍 Grow Coriander at home: 🤍 Bitter Gourd from Seed: 🤍 Jackfruit from seed: 🤍 Chilly from seeds: 🤍 Adenium Seed Germination: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO DOCTORS HEALTH TIPS CHANNEL: 🤍 (I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening) Free SUBSCRIBE TO Our Channel at: 🤍 CLICK NOTIFICATION BELL TO "ON" TO RECEIVE UPDATES! Our Facebook Page: 🤍 Our Twitter URL: 🤍 Our Instagram Link: 🤍 Please LIKE and Share your Thoughts and COMMENTS below. Gardening Videos - PLAYALL: 🤍 Also please SUBSCRIBE to our channel with Notification Bell "Turned On" to receive notifications on new additions and activity of our channel. Do Try this at home and whatever is the outcome, please share here in your comments and help us improve! Please LIKE and Share your Thoughts and COMMENTS below. Gardening Videos - PLAYALL: 🤍 Also please SUBSRIBE to our channel with Notification Bell "Turned On" to receive notifications on new additions and activity of our channel. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Garden Tips - Garden Tips English - 🤍 Gardening Tips Hindi - 🤍 Our Website: 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- CHECK OUR PLAYLISTS: 🤍 Join Our WhatsApp Group to learn from experts: Please Join Here 🤍 for a small fee. After Joining, please contact us with your youtube user id and whatsapp number to be added to our Gardening Family. Contact here - 🤍 (enquiries). Happy Gardening! #gardening, #gardentips

Growing adenium seed pods


How To Propagate Adenium From Seeds // അഡീനിയം വിത്തുകൾ മുഴുവൻ മുളപ്പിച്ചെടുക്കാം


Easy way to propagate adenium from seeds Everything on adenium.. Part 1👇 🤍 Everything on adenium... Part 2👇 🤍 Tips for healthy adenium👇 🤍 BGM Courtesy 🤍 Track: Ikson - Paradise [Official] Music provided by Ikson® Listen: 🤍 #adeniumseeds #sajisinnovations #adeniumpropagation

How To Germinate Adenium Seeds | Tissue Paper Method | DIY #shorts


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Complete Guide to germinate adenium seeds when to remove the plastic bag


Friends, this video is a handy guide on germination of Adenium Seed because in this video I`m showing you everything about fast germination of adenium seeds i.e. from seed pod care to growing baby adeniums from seeds in two different mediums. Friends, if you are interested in growing adeniums ,I recommend you to watch this video till the end. In this video I first show you how to prevent fluffy adenium seeds from carried away by wind. Then you can watch how to collect adenium seeds removing the fluffy stuff. Next comes preparation of seed bed and germination medium. You can watch now the sowing of ten adenium seeds. After that everything is made wet with water and the germination bed is covered with a plastic bag. Finally,watch the update after 15 days.In this part I present two other germination beds to show you when to remove the plastic bag. Once again friends, if you think this video is worthy of knowing at least a little about propagation of adenium from seeds, you may subscribe this channel and click on the Bell Icon to get notifications of my new videos. You are also free to like, share and leave comments. I`m grateful to YouTube Audio Library for the music used in this video. My channel Link: 🤍 Follow me at: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 My mail Id: chandanbis45🤍 #allaboutadeniums #dotbasecamp

How to Grow Adenium / Desert Rose from Seeds (With Update Video)


GROW ADENIUM / DESERT ROSE FROM SEEDS WITHIN 6 DAYS ...:) FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS AND GROW YOUR OWN ADENIUMS / DESERT ROSE PLANTS FAST N EASY.......:) YOU CAN BUY 17 DIFFERENT VARIETIES OF ADENIUM/DESERT ROSE SEEDS FROM MR. SUNNY -HIS WHATSAPP NO.-9879786824(GIVE MY REFERENCE FOR DISCOUNTS & GIFTS..:) TC) Daizz's tips:- 1. Mix one part Fine sand and one part coco peat or perlite. Add water slowly to the mixture until it is evenly moist but not soggy. Fill the pot or tray with soil, tamping the media down slightly until it is 1 inch below the tray's top. 2. Spread the desert rose seeds over the surface of the media in the tray. Space the individual seeds 1 to 2 inches apart. Press the seeds down gently to ensure full contact with the soil's surface. 3. Sprinkle a fine layer of soil over the top of the seeds, covering them completely. Lightly mist the soil's surface with water from a spray bottle. Cover the tray with a clear plastic cover. 4. keep the pot in indirect sunlight 5. Remove the cover once per day, and wipe away any condensation from its interior with a paper towel or cloth. Lightly mist over the tray when the top layer of soil begins to dry. Keep the media moist, but never soggy. Thank you for watching and please give me a Like and I would love you to SUBSCRIBE for regular updates and take a look at my other Videos...thank u..:) MUSIC:- Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release] LINK:- 🤍 Download this track for FREE: 🤍 Support on iTunes: 🤍 - Listen on Spotify: 🤍 Listen on SoundCloud: 🤍 Connect with NCS: Snapchat: ncsmusic • 🤍 • 🤍 • 🤍 • 🤍 • 🤍 • 🤍 Buddha by Kontekst 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 🤍 Music provided by Audio Library 🤍

How To Grow Imported Adenium From Seeds


Adenium Also Known As Desert Rose Is Beautiful Flowering Plant Which Is Famous For It's Caudex And Flowers. Adenium Loves Full Sun. If You Are Doing Gardening In Terrace Then You Must Add Adenium In Your Terrace Garden. Adeniums Are Sun Loving Plants. This Plant You Can Easily Grow From It's Caudex, Cuttings And Seeds. How To Grow Adenium From Seeds: 1. Take One Clay Bowl Which At least Three Inches In Depth. Width Depends Upon How Much Seeds You Wants To Sow. You Can Also Use Seedling Tray Or Big Pot. 2. For Potting Mix Use One Part Cocopeat, Half Sand, Half Of Sand Vermi Compost. Mix Tea Spoon Fungicide Powder In It For No Fungus Issue. 3. Make Sure Pot Have Drainage Hole. Cover Drainage Hole With Broken Piece Of Clay Pot And Fill With Potting Mix. Keep One Or Two Inch Gap For Watering. 4. Put Seeds On Potting Mix (Horizontal). One Or Two Inch Apart From Other Seeds. 5. Cover With Same Potting Mix. 6. Give Water And Kept In Semi Sunlight. 7. Keep Potting Mix Always Moist. 8. Your Seeds Will Sprouts After Five To Seven Day's. Sometimes It Takes Ten To Fifteen Day's. 9. Transplant When Seedlings Have More Then Five Leaves And When Caudex Is Thick. 10. Use Five Inch Pot Or Clay Glass For Repotting. Use Same Potting Mix For Repotting. After Repotting Put Plant In Semi Sunlight. Decorate With Stones, Pebbles Or Stone Chips. It Will Benefits Your Plants, Your Potting Mix Will Stay Moist. #geetaathwal Happy Gardening

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